Ñudzavui Geographies

The pages of the Ñudzavui screenfolds are painted with hundreds of place signs. Only a handful of these signs have been linked to specific locations on the ground. Rich but underused sources of information on Ñudzavui geography can be found in colonial and independence-period land boundary documents. These include early twentieth-century copies of nineteenth-century town boundary maps in the Mapoteca Orozco y Berra (Mexico City); sixteenth- to twentieth-century alphabetic land litigation documents, some of them with accompanying maps, in the Archivo General de la Nación (Mexico City), nineteenth- and twentieth-century alphabetic texts and maps in the Archivo General Agrario (Mexico City) and the Archivo General del Estado de Oaxaca (Oaxaca City); and land documents housed in municipal archives in the Mixteca itself. Mesolore’s “Ñudzavui Geographies” presents the results of a project (funded by the Foundation for the Advancement of Mesoamerican Studies) to document and combine geographic information about the Mixteca Alta from these various archives.

The following resources are included:

a pdf index compiling all of the towns and Mixtec place names encountered during research, organized by document;

dozens of small-scale maps in which the place names for each particular document have been plotted;

a large-scale map which combines the information from each individual document-map; and

alphabetic transcriptions of the various documents consulted and from which the data in the index and maps have been taken.

In addition, a brief essay on “Initial Findings” provides an explanation of the methods used in this research, a guide for using the above-mentioned resources, and a discussion of some of the patterns found in these documents. In particular, “Initial Findings” discusses what these land documents reveal about how place names changed over the course of the colonial and independence periods, and how these diachronic changes shape how we can use place names attested in colonial and independence-period documents to interpret the rich topographies painted in the prehispanic and early colonial Mixtec screenfolds.

Ñudzavui Geographies: General Resources

Introductory Essay: Initial Findings pdf

AtlasMixteco The full visual compilation of all of the geographic information compiled for this study.
tif pdf

AtlasMixtecoIndex A text-searchable index of all of the places and towns included in the Atlas, arranged by archive and by document.

INEGIMixtecaAlta A 300-dpi compilation of INEGI 1:50,000 maps D25, D26, D35, D36, D45, and D46. These were used as the base from which to plot the locations in the Atlas.
jpg pdf

SporesNochixtlán1972 A map of the archaeological sites compiled from Ronald Spores’ 1972 An Archaeological Settlement Survey of the Nochixtlan Valley, Oaxaca. The location of these sites has been included in the Atlas.
tif pdf

AtlasMixteco by Centuries Subdivisions of the documents included in the Atlas, arranged by century. These maps show what place names are attested in 16th- 17th- 18th- 19th- and 20th-century documents.
AtlasMixteco16 tif pdf

AtlasMixteco17 tif pdf

AtlasMixteco18 tif pdf

AtlasMixteco19 tif pdf

AtlasMixteco20 tif pdf

Ñudzavui Geographies: Specific Resources


AGEOAAI76Exp5 pdf map

AGEOAAII27Exp13 pdf mapA mapB mapC mapD mapE

AGEOAAII27Exp16 pdf map

AGEOAAIII23Exp3 (text & map map

AGEOAAIII23Exp6 text & map map

AGEOAAIII23Exp8 pdf map

AGEOAAIII23Exp14 text & map map

AGEOAAIII23Exp16 pdf map

AGEOAAIII23Exp17 text & map map

AGEOAAIII24Exp11 text & map map

AGEOAAIII24Exp12 text & map map

AGEOAAIII24Exp14 text & map map

AGEOAAIII24Exp15 text & map map

AGEOAAIII24Exp17 text & map map

AGEOAAIII26Exp3 text & map map

AGEOAAIII26Exp4 text & map map

AGEOAAIII26Exp7 text & map map

AGEOAAIII26Exp9 text & map map

AGEOAAIII26Exp12 text & map map

AGEOAAIII28Exp4 text & map map

AGEOAAIII40Exp3 text & map map

AGEOAAIII41Exp2 text & map map

AGEOAAIII41Exp13 text & map map

AGEOAAIII50Exp6 text & map map

AGEOAdju20Exp9 text & map map

AGEOAdju20Exp10 text & map map

AGEOAdju20Exp23 text & map map

Conflictos sobre límites
AGEOConflicto70Exp1 text & map map

AGEOConflicto70Exp7 text & map map

AGEOConflicto70Exp9 text & map map

AGEOConflicto70Exp10 text & map map

AGEOConflicto70Exp23 text & map map

AGEOConflicto71Exp11 text & map map

AGEOConflicto79Exp26 text & map map

AGEOConflicto79Exp28 text & map map

AGEOConflicto79Exp29 text & map map

AGEOConflicto79Exp30 text & map mapA mapB

AGNGaleria7Nuxaño map

AGNTierras24Exp6 text & map map

AGNTierras220Exp1 tif pdf

AGNTierras287Exp4 text & map map

AGNTierras985Exp1 text & map mapA mapB

AGNTierras1180Exp3 text & map map

AGNTierras1182Exp1 text & map map

AGNTierras1221Exp5 text & map map

AGNTierras1285Exp1 text & map mapA mapB mapC

AGNTierras1376Exp1 text & map map

AGNTierras1443Exp1 text & map map

AGNTierras1462Exp11 text & map map

AGNTierras1872Exp16 text & map map

AGNTierras2257Exp1 text & map mapA mapB mapCD mapE

AGNTierras2696Exp21 text & map map

AGNTierras3036Exp3 text & map mapA mapB mapC mapD

AGNTierras3539Exp5 text & map map

AGNTierras3559Exp1 text & map map

AGNTierras3563Exp1 text & map mapA mapB

AGNTierras3687Exp4 text & map mapA mapBCD mapEFGH

AGNTierras3688Exp3 text & map map

AGNTierras3689Exp3 text & map map

AGNTierras3689Exp5 text & map map

AGNTierras3689Exp6 text & map map

AGNTierras3689Exp7 text & map map

AGNTierras3690Exp1 text & map map

AGNTierras3690Exp2 text & map mapA mapB

AGNTierras3690Exp4 text & map map

AGNTierras3690Exp7 text & map map

AGNTierras3690Exp9 text & map map

AGNTierras3690Exp10 text & map map

AGNTierras3691Exp6 text & map map

AGNTierras3691Exp7 text & map map

AGNTierras3693Exp5 text & map map

Títulos Primordiales
AGNTitulosPrimordiales2Exp1 tif pdf


MOyB3038Apoala tif pdf

MOyB3257Mitlantongo tif pdf

MOyB3263Nochixtlan tif pdf

MOyB3269Nativitas tif pdf

MOyB3325Chindua tif pdf

MOyB3365Tlachitongo tif pdf

MOyB3369Tlatayapam tif pdf

MOyB3412aIxtaltepec tif pdf

MOyB3418Sinxaxtla tif pdf

MOyB3419Jaltepetongo tif pdf

MOyB3483Tecomatlan tif pdf

MOyB3503Tataltepec tif pdf

MOyB3504Tidaa tif pdf

MUNICIPAL ARCHIVE, YUCUITA YucuitaMunicipio1925 tif pdf