The Molina Vocabulario


Fray Alonso de Molina’s Vocabulario en la lengua Castellana y Mexicana was published in 1555 at the Mexico City printing house of Juan Pablos. It consists of a title page (with a woodcut showing Saint Francis receiving the stigmata: Molina was a Franciscan friar) and a 259 folio (518 page) Spanish-to-Nahuatl dictionary. At the time, Molina was Guardian of the Monastery of Saint Anthony in the lakeside town of Texcoco, due east of the island of Tenochtitlán and Tlatelolco in the Valley of Mexico. In 1571 Molina would publish an expanded version of this Vocabulario, featuring both Spanish-to-Nahuatl and Nahuatl-to-Spanish sections. For more information, see the Introduction to the Molina Vocabulario Nahua tutorial.

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14.5 cm x 19.6 cm